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What are the prices of the choral arrangements, compositions?

Singer und piano €10,--
 1-9 Singers: €25
10-20 Singers: €32
21-30 Singers: €38
31-40 Singers: €42
41-50 Singers: €50
51-60 Singers: €60
61-70 Singers: €70
71-80 Singers: €80
81-90 Singers: €90
91-100 Singers: €100
101-150 Singers: €125
151-200 Singers: €150

The price of a medley is the same as

the price of two arrangements.

Pop-around €30
Sound-around €25
Classic-around €20

Classical variations on a thema of the Beatles  €110,--

Missa Brevis €120
Mass for Popchoir €60
Pop Mass €100

You will discover that the costs of an Arrangements or Komposition
are very low. This is because the music is send to you by e-mail as digital files.

When ordering a title you will receive:

1. The pdf-file. That's the score.
2. You can listen to the midi or the mp3 file of all the parts together.
3. With the help of the midi or the mp3 of all the seperate voices, the singers can study their part at home.

You can forward the files to the members of your group.


What does a new arrangement or composition cost??

If you aim to give your choir more personality, it belongs to the possibilities to
let Jetse arrange / compose for your choir. The costs of arranging and
composing are the same. Please give as much information of your group
as possible and don't forget to mention if you like the arrangement
to be close to the original or that is might have it's own character.

A cappella 3 / 4-part: € 200, -
A cappella 5-parts: € 225, -
A cappella 6-8 parts € 250, -
+ Piano part = + € 25, -
+ Popband instrumental parts + € 50, -
Orchestral backing tape + € 75, -

For more information send your question to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.